Games to dress girls


Games to dress to design and to color clothes of the brats
GO: 12

to design and to color clothes of the brats

In this game you decide that they are going to put themselves to dress the brats, you will design his sets of prettier garments coloring them as more you liked and will enjoy this official game of the brats
Date 2007-11-13 | I dress: 528298
Games to dress winx club to color
GO: 747

winx club to color

Amuse coloring the girls of the club winx with the colors that more you like. Begin to play already!
Date 2009-06-12 | I dress: 5597
Games to dress painting the pinocho clothes
GO: 664

painting the pinocho clothes

It colors Pinocho with your favorite colors.
Date 2009-10-19 | I dress: 2365
Games to dress colors the Christmas Day
GO: 976

it colors the Christmas Day

Sight that so nice image! It is ready hoping that you should give to him a little of color so: to what waiting? You have only to pulsate on the color that you want and then on what you want to color. Spend it well coloring!
Date 2009-12-11 | I dress: 1513
Games to dress my garden
GO: 925

my garden

Would you like having your own garden? Since this rogue to your taste, including the most minimal detail. To do only you have to pulsate with the paintbrush on the color that you like and then on the object that you want.
Date 2009-12-07 | I dress: 1249
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