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Attention!! Visit our new section to dress cars and tunearlos to your taste, you will be able escojer cars desportivos, ancient or classic, monstertrucks so that they combine with our girls and his garments.
Games to dress to create and to decorate rooms
GO: 677

to create and to decorate rooms

It creates and decorates your own room. It places the furniture as you want and chooses everything so that it remains super nicely.
Date 2010-02-16 | I dress: 224
Games to dress to decorate the room
GO: 527

to decorate the room

Very entertaining game in which you will have to decorate a room as more you liked. That you amuse yourself!
Date 2009-10-07 | I dress: 3107
Games to dress to decorate cindy's room
GO: 712

to decorate cindy's room

It helps Cindy to decorate his room. It has many decorative elements so that you could leave it to your taste.
Date 2009-06-29 | I dress: 5259
Games to dress decorates the room to rhombs
GO: 244

it decorates the room to rhombs

In this one it plays you have an empty room and must decorate it with everything what you have at disposal, from armchairs and carpets up to flowerpots with plants and tables for you, elije the combination that more you like and it creates your own room in this game of decorating...
Date 2009-03-07 | I dress: 25162
Games to dress to decorate livng of bears
GO: 250

to decorate livng of bears

These two small bears have no idea like decorating his living, in this game of decorating you will have to help this couple to achieve that his living turns out to be fantastic, it locates the furniture, plants and up to the ventantas so that they have a beautiful livng....
Date 2008-11-17 | I dress: 24173

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