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Attention!! Visit our new section to dress cars and tunearlos to your taste, you will be able escojer cars desportivos, ancient or classic, monstertrucks so that they combine with our girls and his garments.
Games to dress barbie in the fashionable shop
GO: 781

barbie in the fashionable shop

Barbie is in a clothes shop and wants that many models help her to be proved, you can change the type of hair and add to him, bracelets, caps and much more.
Date 2009-11-17 | I dress: 2769
Games to dress to dress barbie schoolgirl
GO: 780

to dress barbie schoolgirl

Barbie wants your help to dress itself to go to the school: Do you help it? It chooses between the most varied pledges and accessories.
Date 2009-08-17 | I dress: 4862
Games to dress barbie to color
GO: 539

barbie to color

In this entertaining game you will have to color beautiful Barbie with the colors that more you like. Forward, begin to play already!
Date 2009-08-14 | I dress: 4540
Games to dress barbie fashion summer
GO: 761

barbie fashion summer

It dresses this barbie in the last summer fashion. It chooses between a big garments variety, bijouterie and shoes, what better he has left. Good luck!
Date 2009-08-10 | I dress: 5314
Games to dress barbie to dress pajamas
GO: 783

barbie to dress pajamas

It chooses pajamas for Barbie, you have many so that you could choose the one that more you like. That you amuse yourself!
Date 2009-07-04 | I dress: 6041

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